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Lets do the Timewarp again !


I’ve tried most of the Amruts releases but the one that has evaded me so far has been the Original 40%er ………. Until now………..

Bottled many moons ago when Amrut first launched into the competitive world of Single malts (around about 2004) , Jim Murray described it as “A very decent quality Single Malt easily mistaken for a speysider at about 35 or 36yo that , usually isn’t always good .However the sweet richness of the malt on the palate is a joy , with a boundless energy that pushes through to the prickly oaky finish . ” He gave it a score of 82 , so what is it like ?

Pale gold in colour and very oily in the glass , the initial nose has a hint of the Amrut Liquorice but with a strong maltiness leading the way , there is also a large citrus hit – orange and lemon – and shortbread biscuit . A very relaxed interesting nose . Still can’t get over how oily it is in the glass , reminds me of the way Bunnahabhain used to be at 40% . I find it very malty on the palate but also oaky , definitely vanilla in there and a touch bitter (the oak ?) . The finish isn’t as long as the stronger ABV ones but is , as Jim said , oaky , actually fades away quite fast . It’s interesting to see where the later bottles have come from , it does taste a lot older than it’s age . Need to find out it’s actual bottling age , I can say i’ve had a lot worse whisky (including a lot of scotch) but i’ve definitely had a lot better Amruts , this one is not bad , just not as good as the others !

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