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Amrut Two Continents 2nd Edition


The Original Two Continents went down a storm when released nearly 3 years ago , matured partly in India then moved to another undisclosed place on the European Continent for further Maturation , it was a very limited release at 46% . The 2nd Edition has slightly more bottles (892 ) and is released at 50% . The Casks in which the 1st and 2nd Edition have been matured matured in are also slightly different .

The Amrut Two Continents 2nd Edition

Amrut Two Continents 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition is a lovely Gold colour , almost Golden Syrup , the nose has the usual Amrut Liquorice and spices , then digestive biscuits , malt and a honeyed sweetness . On the palate it quite light at first then the spices and liquorice engulf the mouth followed by pepper and cloves . It is silky smooth and well balanced across the entire palate , the finish is long and warming with peppery liquorice .

Another cracking Amrut , the 2nd Edition is done in ex-bourbon casks rather than the ex-grain casks of the first edition , so how does it compare to the original ?

The 2nd Edition is slightly lighter in Colour , The nose on the 1st release is slightly weaker (seems 4% does make a difference….) , The digestive biscuits and Honey are more pronounced on the 2nd Edition with the cloves and spices more predominant on the !st . Getting on to the palate , the 1st has more of the Amrut taste whereas the 2nd is a lot more sweeter , the second probably more closer to a whisky from Scotland but still having an Amrut feel . There’s not a lot between the two on the finishes except the 2nd has a slightly more Digestive Biscuit / sweeter one . Both are great Amruts but it does show that Casks can make a difference , the first having a more Raw Amrut feel to it whereas the 2nd has a rounded sweeter feel to it .

Amrut Two Continents


Amrut Two Continents One of the more unusual Amruts in that it is matured first in Bangalore then shipped 9,000KM to a secret location in Europe for further maturation……. Bottled at 46% , this is from the first release and is bright gold in colour . Another fantastic nose , The Amrut liquorice and a slight spiciness , Digestive Biscuits , Vanilla , and cut grass with a sweet oakiness . The mouthfeel is great , malty , again vanilla and liquorice . Quite sweet across the palate but i’m not complaining . A toffee sweetness , shortbread biscuit with caramel and chocolate on the top ! A long , dry finish, quite warming , vanilla with huge liquorice right at the end . Another wonderful Amrut , bottled February 2009 , bottle No.60 of 786 .