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Newcastle Whisky Festival 2015


The 7th of March was a very long day ! Once again we were representing Amrut Distilleries at The Whisky Lounges Newcastle Festival , There were to be two sessions , 11am – 3pm and 4pm – 8pm , After a stout breakfast at The Five Swans , we were all set up by 10.30am awaiting the first punters……




Photo Courtesy of Joe @ The Whisky Lounge

The Drams available were……

  • The Amrut 46%
  • The Amrut Cask Strength 61.8%
  • The Amrut Peated 46%
  • The Amrut Peated Cask Strength 62.8%
  • The Amrut Fusion 50%
  • The Amrut Single Cask Peated Port Pipe 59%

It was great to have the Peated Cask Strength back in the fold , it went down really well , as one Scottish visitor said “That is Insane!”


Photo courtesy of Eddie @TheWhiskyLounge


We had lots of visitors over the two sessions amongst whom were some familiar faces , Robin from Fenwicks Wine Department and Eric Winter formerly of Gordon and MacPhail , Ross Dargan and Chris and his mates to name a few . Lots of people were very impressed by the Single Cask , just hope they all voted for it in “Dram of the Day” !


Photo courtesy of Eric Winter

Once again we had a great day meeting people and talking Amrut , you can catch us at the following events waving the Amrut Colours….. 

20th June – The Whisky Lounge Edinburgh Whisky Festival

31st August – Bangalore , Amrut Distillery Visit

12th September – The Whisky Lounge Yorkshire Whisky Festival , York ( Details )

3rd / 4th October – The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show , London (Details

24th October – The Whisky Lounge Manchester Whisky Festival  

Life on the Other side of the Table – Blue Moon…… Pt.4


Our Fourth  and final festival of the year took us to Manchester , The venue was the Bridgewater Hall in the Centre of town , quite a modern venue and the area was quite spacious . By now we were getting the hang of setting up the table…..

(Click on the photos to see full size)

Amrut table

We had the same offerings as the previous festivals ( Amrut 46% , Amrut Cask Strength , Amrut Peated 46% , Fusion and Intermediate Sherry Matured along with the two token drams , Single Cask Bourbon and Peated Port Pipe) .

Our Location in the Hall .

Our Location in the Hall .

This was to be the busiest festival of the four , 750 punters expected through the door !


The Gorgeous Melanie waiting for the Hordes……

Once again the day flew over and once again there were lots of new people to introduce to the delights of India’s finest Single Malt Whisky and i have to say most were quite impressed and very surprised by the quality of the product ! By the end of the day i think the ISM had just pipped the Fusion for the most popular Amrut .

Other Whiskies were available…….

The 2nd best Table at the Show , after ours..... the Berry Bros stall manned by my friend Rob Whitehead , all round good guy and purveyor of Fine Drams !

The 2nd best Table at the Show , after ours….. the Berry Bros stall manned by my good friend Rob Whitehead , all round good guy and purveyor of Fine Drams !

So that’s it for this year , Hopefully we’ve done a good job for Amut over these Festivals , we’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a great time , Cheers for now !

Life on the Other side of the table – Under Starters Orders…… Pt.3


So after Liverpool , we headed off to York for the Yorkshire Whisky Festival , the Venue was the Race Course……


Under Starters Orders

A rather nice setting in the stand to the right , we arrived at about 11am and set up at our allotted table 


 Melanie ready for the off…..

Once again we had the Amrut 46% , Amrut Cask Strength , Amrut Peated 46% , the Fusion and the Intermediate Sherry . The White dram was the Single Cask Bourbon and the Black dram was the Single Cask Peated Port Pipe .

The Calm before the storm 

Once again the Fusion and Sherry provided to be very popular , We had a great day at the Races , the crowd were fantastic and the venue superb , light , airy and plenty of space , plenty of places for the punters to sit down with a dram including a nice terrace at the front and the stand at the front looking across the course . Many thanks for all the kind words and the great craic ! 

Life on the Other side of the table…… Pt.2


After the success (i hope !) of our adventure behind the table at Newcastle , Ashok asked us if we would do 3 of The Whisky Lounges other festivals so here is our second session behind the table……. 

The Liverpool Festival is our second venue , we headed off south at the crack of dawn , there is only one problem heading that way at the moment , Roadworks ! They are upgrading part of the A1 into a motorway and making part of the M62 into a “Super Motorway” (whatever that is….) , after a stop off for Breakie we arrived at Liverpool in plenty of time to set up . The Venue was a bit of a strange one , The Crypt Hall of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral , The Cathedral is known locally as “Paddys Wigwam”…..


Don’t know where they got that from……

I have to say the Crypt is a pretty impressive place to hold a whisky Festival……


The Calm before the storm !

So we set up our little table and waited for the masses , this time we meant business , we had 2 Banners ! 


We had the same lineup of drams as Newcastle…… 

  • Amrut Single Malt 46%
  • Amrut Peated Single Malt 46%
  • Amrut Single Malt Cask Strength 61.8%
  • Amrut Fusion 50%
  • Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured 57.1%
  • Amrut Single Cask – Bourbon #3446 62.8% (White Token Dram)
  • Amrut Single Cask – Port Pipe Peated #2714 (Black Token Dram)

The two most popular drams of the day were the Sherry and the Fusion , but we did set a new record for ourselves with the Black drams , we got up to 8 ! We still trailed a long way behind a certain Mr Dunn but we’re getting there !

It’s amazing how many people have never heard of Amrut but they certainly have now and a lot of people are certainly impressed with the Quality ! After 5 hectic hours We headed off to a hotel to lie down in a darkened room and look forward to the next one !

Life on the Other side of the table……


The Big whisky event of the year in Newcastle is the Annual (6 so far) Whisky Lounge Newcastle Whisky Fest , This year i would be seeing it from a different perspective , from the other side of the table !

Ashok would be away ‘Down Under’ converting the Antipodeans to the Amrut Way and he asked me if i would step into his shoes and host the Amrut table at the Fest , how could i refuse !!! After the prep talk and collection of stock just before Ashoks departure , it was just a wait till the day of our ( i’d talked Melanie into helping out by now….) maiden appearance at a whisky show .

It was an early start on the morning  , after loading the car it and getting to the Civic Centre Car Park , it was time for a Hearty breakfast at the Five Swans ! got to get your priorities right…… On arriving in the Banqueting Hall we were greeted by Amanda (Eddies better half) and shown to our table  and down to the serious business of setting up our display……NWF2014_0

I think we made a pretty good effort for our first go !

NWF2014_1So it was just a case of waiting for the doors to open and the hordes to descend , say hello to a few fellow exhibitors (it was great to see Yolanda on this side of the country on the Bladnoch table) and pose for a piccy with our handy work……

NWF2014_2The Amruts we had on offer were -

  • Amrut Single Malt 46%
  • Amrut Peated Single Malt 46%
  • Amrut Single Malt Cask Strength 61.8%
  • Amrut Fusion 50%
  • Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured 57.1%
  • Amrut Single Cask – Bourbon #3446 62.8% (White Token Dram)
  • Amrut Single Cask – Port Pipe Peated #2714 (Black Token Dram)

So at 12pm the doors opened and the first of the 700 punters enter and boy was it busy ! Right from the word go , there were lots of familiar faces and from the questions lots of new customers to the whisky experience . Quite a lot of the newbies were surprised there was a malt whisky from India and even more that there were 2 exhibiting here (Paul John was a couple of tables down from us ) , i’m glad to say all were highly surprised at how good the quality was of the Amrut product !!! After the initial shock of finding that Malt Whisky was produced in India the most commonest question was where is the distillery ? And how do they do the Peated one ? all of which we was willing to answer .

Melanie was well in the groove by now…… 


The Intermediate Sherry was an early Favourite , infact it was the first to depart the table ! It was great to see people just not going for set ones but being willing to try their way through the range and the Peated one being very popular with Islay fans . At one point word seemed to get around that the Fusion was an excellent dram (what we and Jim Murray already knew !) and there was a hell of a rush on it ! Going off peoples comments it’ll be interesting to see how it done in the dram of the day Competition . During the afternoon there weren’t many lulls in the crowd but we did find time to pose again……


The afternoon did fly over , it was great to spread the Amrut word and talk to fellow whisky drinkers about one of my passions , The Gorgeous Melanie was outstanding all afternoon – I was so proud of her !  The one thing that did come out of the afternoon was just how much Ashok will be missed when he returns to India , You are one popular man Ashok and lots of the visitors passed on their best wishes to you !

Some of the many visitors to the table , It was nice of Livvy to bring along her Grandad Bobby……. :-)


We had an absolutely Wonderful day , thank you Ashok for the opportunity to do it ! We wrapped our gear away and headed into town for a well deserved drink and bite to eat with Livvy …….

Some Photos Courtesy of our Good Friend Bobby Banford…….

2014NWF_RB1 2014NWF_RB2


2014NWF_RB4 2014NWF_RB5


The Whisky Lounges World Whisky Review 2012


On Friday 14th September a group of knowledgeable whisky drinking Geordies gathered in the Medieval Hall  of the Blackfriars Restaurant for another Whisky Lounge tasting , this one was something very different , whisky from around the World ! No Scotch , No Irish , No American ! Tonights tasting was hosted by Joe , Eddie was sitting in the audience (next to me ) Merrily posting away on Twitter and Facebook during the proceedings……..

To begin our journey we headed down to South Africa , For a Bains Mountain Whisky from the James Sedgewick Distillery  , this is a grain Whisky , on the nose i found it very sweet with vanilla and Toffee . The palate was the same as the nose  with a very long sweet finish . A very good start to the tasting , up there with some of the best Scottish Grains i’ve had .

Next up we headed across the Southern hemisphere to Tasmania  for a Sulivans Cove Double Cask (aged in both American and French Oak)  , The initial nose was Solvent ! Then it progressed to a sweet thats name doesn’t spring to mindbut with a very synthetic fruit smell , spices and finally Chocolate Creme but a creme you get in cheap biscuits . It had a very weird palate , too synthetic for my liking and the finish was short and chemical . As you gather this wasn’t to my liking , my worst dram of the night .

For the Third dram we headed to Taiwan , to The King Car Whisky Distillery for a Kavalan Port Cask . The nose was very fruity , dark fruits to be more precise , and Port – not over powering unlike some previous Port finishes i’ve had – a very good balanced nose that has a touch of toffee after a while . The palate again has the Dark Fruits , toffee and a touch of spices , the finish is Long , Dry and fruity . Quite an exceptional dram , this is the 2nd Kavalan i’ve had (the 1st was the Classic) and both have been fantastic for such a low age  , only disappointment is that Kavalan isn’t available in the UK at the moment .

The 4th Dram was from Sweden , Mackmyra , The Moment Skog . It was very bourbony on the nose , sweet , spices and Chocolate . The palate was Sweet winey and Fishermans Friend with a long , sweet fruity Finish . I must admit i wasn’t looking forward to this one as i haven’t enjoyed previous Mackmyras i’ve tried but this was superb , it reminded me of Glen Scotia on the palate .

For the Penultimate dram we headed to the Land of the Rising Sun , Japan , Suntorys Hakushu and the Bourbon Barrel release . Boy was this a good one ! Really smooth and complex on the nose , Sweet Vanilla , soft creamy fudge , absolutely beautiful , i could have smelled it all night ! The palate carried on from the nose adding chocolate and Digestive biscuits , the finish was long , sweet , touch spicy and chocolate digestives . I don’t think i’ve had a bad Hakushu and this one was stunning !

Last up we headed to India for a personal favourite of mine , Amrut Fusion ! What can you say ? Bags of liquorice on the nose along with chocolate digestives , spices and millionaires shortbread . There’s a slight peatiness on the palate along with liquorice , spices and chocolate . The finish is long , spicy , the Amrut liquorice and smoky . This was Batch 17 from January 2012 and was as good as ever !

A truly astonishing tasting made all the more outstanding by the fact that none of these whiskies had an age statement on the bottle and all were young  . There’s a big wide world out there beyond Scotch , Irish and American and it tastes pretty damn good ! At the end we had the traditional vote  of best of the night and Amrut came out on top , i was neutral and voted for the Kavalan but the Hakushu was a close second . 

Char Mausum


Now i know this isn’t a restaurant review site but all shall become clear…….. 

Mel wanted to take me out for a meal tonight and who was i to argue ! It was just a case of where ? After much thought i remembered a place Mr Chokalingam had recommended a few years ago , Char Mausum (Hindi for Four Seasons) just north of Newcastle in Stannington . It’s actually in an old Little Chef Restaurant in the Services but they done a very good job of doing it out , it’s very modern , light and spacious inside , a very nice place to have a meal . The staff are fantastic , very welcoming and friendly  , as some one said in a review i read on line , on your first visit they make you seem like you are a long time regular customer .

So to the food , we both had King Prawn Bhajee to start , now don’t think your bog standard onion one here , nothing like it ! it’s King Prawns cooked in spices and served on puri , absolutely WOW ! For mains i had Machli Masala Dopiaza , never had cod like it , it’s marinated in ginger , garlic and spices , deep fried and then cooked with onions , tomatoes and coriander  in a buna style sauce . Mel went for Karhai , which is a Northern frontier style of cooking using chopped ingredients , coarsely crushed spices and Chicken pieces . Both were stunning .

While Mel finished her wine i decided on a coffee and a dram from their very good line up of whisky i’d spotted when entering which included 3 Amruts ! I could make out the Fusion Label but not the other two (didn’t have my glasses with me ) so i asked , one of the staff from the bar came across and proceeded to tell me about the 3 , the differences and the flavours  – even explaining that the fusion wasn’t as peated as say Laphroaig – which i thought was fantastic , well trained staff who know what they are talking about !  I ordered the Cask Strength (61.9%) and when it came it was in a Glencairn (Amrut labelled) and was accompanied by a small jug of water and some ice in a tumbler complete with tongs to add if required ! Now i’ve ate in a few places in England and Scotland and i’ve never had anything like that , First Class ! Totally summed up the place !!! 

Great food , Great surroundings , Great Staff , Well Recommended ! And they do Takeaway……