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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,


    The expected bottle for me is Amrut, now. However, I am considering which model is the most collectable as have quite lots of variants of Amrut distillery in the market.

    The list & some opinions of mine as the following :

    * Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured (quite good)
    * Amrut Herald (also collectable)
    * Amrut Two continents (2nd edition – later model, quite good)
    * Amrut 100 Peated
    * Amrut Special Release Cask Strength 2006 (rare, early bottling of Amrut distillery) -somewhere is expensive (around 110 UK Pound), just after Kadhambam but some is just around 40 UK Pound

    Below link is photo of Amrut Special Release Cask Strength 2006 for yr reference

    Pls remind that Amrut Special Release Cask Strength 2006, differs from Amrut Special Reserve Cask Strength TWE10 Anniversary (not so valuable version) as under link


    * Amrut Portonona (collectable but very hard to get)
    * Amrut Kadhambam (the most collectable ones but almost impossible to find out the availibility one, also the most expensive)
    * Amrut Fusion, cheaper is well -known for its awards but sometimes some specific product is famous in their price range.

    Kdly help to advise which 01 bottling in above – listed is the most rare/collectable. Or if you have any else idea of Amrut, pls suggest me.

    Await for yr sincere advice



  2. Hi ,
    I’m not the best on advising for whisky investments as i believe in drinking not collecting but usually something that is rarer is better . Out of the first list the Herald would probably be the better bet as a single cask . The TWE is a good whisky and has a similar taste to the 2006 bottling .
    The choice is yours in the end !

  3. Hi,

    Many thks for yr soon advice.

    Really appreciate yr help. Sure to get Herald for my personal collection.

    Try to get them in EU now, also quite hard to find out because just a few shops have Herald available.


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