Amruts Greedy Little Angels….


Amrut today announced the release of their oldest Single malt whisky, the 8yo is available in a very limited worldwide release of only 144 bottles . I’ve had the privilege to try this Amrut and it is one of the best and unusual releases from the distillery so far……

My Notes…….

A lovely golden colour in the glass , first thing that hits the nose is the Amrut Liquorice , then a floralness interweaves with chocolate , shortbread biscuit and caramel toffee . There’s also a fruitiness (pineapples mainly amongst other exotic fruits) and a hint of fresh malt . It’s a lovely relaxed nose , one to savour for a while…….
On the palate again you get the Liquorice and the fruit , mixing with a lovely maltiness , it is quite dry and chewy as well . It does flow across the palate very well , it’s also¬† quite sweet , creamy fudge , chocolate and pineapple juice . The finish is medium to long with the liquorice being dominant followed by the fruit .
Another stunning Amrut , this one seems to almost be an Amrut fruit cocktail , really enjoyable and different to other expressions from this distillery .

Press Release…..

(Click on pages to see full size version)

Greedy Angels PR 1


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