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The Amrut Portonova


As a Christmas treat to myself i bought a couple of the recently released Amruts , the newest one being the Portonova . The maturing of this whisky followed a similar route to one of my favourite Amruts , The Intermediate Sherry Matured ,This one was initially matured in a combination of New American Oak and Ex-Bourbon Barrels then transferred to once-used Port Pipes (imported from Portugal) and then reracked into Ex-Bourbon casks for a final period .

The Amrut Portonova

The Amrut Portonova

The Bottle comes in a new style of packaging , maintaining the wrap around front cover , it still has a style and uniqueness of the old style while occupying less of a shelf space ! I really like the new box , it certainly catches the eye but more importantly what’s the content of the whisky like ? Will i like it as much as when i tried a sample many moons ago ? Let’s see…..

Bottled at 62.1% in October 2011 (it’s marked as Batch No.1 so more to Come ? ) , The colour is remarkable , a light Mahogany with golden and ruby tinges  . Comparing it to my original sample notes the flavours match up , only the dark fruits seem more pronounced at the initial pouring , liquorice, millionaires’ shortbread (chocolate, caramel toffee and biscuit) and spices . It doesn’t nose in the low 60’s % , no battering of the nasal passage but i could sit and smell it all night…….

But i won’t…… On the palate is when you realise that it’s been in a port pipe at some stage of it’s life , luckily it’s not over-whelming (some port finished whiskies have been !) , It has everything you expect from an Amrut with a touch of wineyness / dark fruitiness at the back of the palate . The finish is delightful , long , very chewy , it just keeps giving…… and giving…….  and giving….. Fantastic ! 

  What can you say ? They just keep producing exceptional Whisky ! Though i must add i still prefer the Intermediate Sherry……

Amrut Two Continents 2nd Edition


The Original Two Continents went down a storm when released nearly 3 years ago , matured partly in India then moved to another undisclosed place on the European Continent for further Maturation , it was a very limited release at 46% . The 2nd Edition has slightly more bottles (892 ) and is released at 50% . The Casks in which the 1st and 2nd Edition have been matured matured in are also slightly different .

The Amrut Two Continents 2nd Edition

Amrut Two Continents 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition is a lovely Gold colour , almost Golden Syrup , the nose has the usual Amrut Liquorice and spices , then digestive biscuits , malt and a honeyed sweetness . On the palate it quite light at first then the spices and liquorice engulf the mouth followed by pepper and cloves . It is silky smooth and well balanced across the entire palate , the finish is long and warming with peppery liquorice .

Another cracking Amrut , the 2nd Edition is done in ex-bourbon casks rather than the ex-grain casks of the first edition , so how does it compare to the original ?

The 2nd Edition is slightly lighter in Colour , The nose on the 1st release is slightly weaker (seems 4% does make a difference….) , The digestive biscuits and Honey are more pronounced on the 2nd Edition with the cloves and spices more predominant on the !st . Getting on to the palate , the 1st has more of the Amrut taste whereas the 2nd is a lot more sweeter , the second probably more closer to a whisky from Scotland but still having an Amrut feel . There’s not a lot between the two on the finishes except the 2nd has a slightly more Digestive Biscuit / sweeter one . Both are great Amruts but it does show that Casks can make a difference , the first having a more Raw Amrut feel to it whereas the 2nd has a rounded sweeter feel to it .

Amrut lifts Grand Master title at prestigious awards


Amrut Fusion was named Grand Master of World Whisky at The Spirits Business Awards in London on 6 December, 2011. Already named one of seven Masters of World Whisky by the judging panel of the prestigious event, Amrut Fusion came out as the “best of the best” in the final stage of the competition.

To read the full Press announcement Click on the link below

Amrut Grand Master pdf

Amrut Portonova


Amrut have announced another new release in the next couple of weeks , the Amrut Portonova……..

“The newest addition to Amrut’s collection of limited edition Single Malts once again weaves international links. Returning to the successful concept of transferring the Indian malt into special barrels during the maturation process,this time Amrut Distilleries looked to Portugal for inspiration. At its Bangalore distillery, the unpeated Amrut single malt was matured initially in a combination of new American oak and ex-Bourbon barrels. Then it was transferred to once-used Port pipes imported specially from Portugal before being put back into ex-Bourbon casks. Amrut Portonova Single Malt Whisky is the result.”

To read the full press release click here Amrut portonova Press Release

I got to try this and here are my tasting notes

A lovely light mahogany with golden highlights and a ruby tinge. The nose is definitely Amrut,the liquorice, millionaires’ shortbread (chocolate, caramel toffee and biscuit) and spices but in with the mix are dark fruits – sultanas and raisins – there is also a slight chocolate cherry liqueur (can’t remember the name…). It’s a cracking nose, very smooth, no tingling of the nose hairs for 62.1%. As it left to stand you can tell it’s not a standard Amrut but I don’t think the Port is as pronounced as the Sherry was. The Port is slightly more predominant on the palate, a touch of wineyness especially towards the back of the palate, there’s still everything there you’d expect from an Amrut. The finish is long, creamy, liquorice and it’s very chewy. It is another very good Amrut, at first I didn’t notice any of the Port wood finish but as the dram goes on it comes in, not overpowering just a subtle hint, which is the way it should be in my opinion.