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Amrut Peated New Make 63.4%


I’ve never been one for going wild about the new makes , you do sometimes get offered them on tours or at tastings and it is nice to see if you can see where the finished spirit has come from  . I’ve found they are usually fruity (unpeated ) or smoky (peated)  but on the whole barely drinkable . So what is the Amrut like ?

This is from 2010 and is peated to 50ppm . On the nose it is incredibly feinty at first  , then there’s a touch of plastic and plasticine  , later there’s a fruitiness and slight smoke . Now onto the palate (not the bit i normally look forward to with New Make….) , it is actually quite drinkable , very millionaires shortbread , chocolate , caramel and biscuit . There is a touch of peat ( damp moss)  but not much and there’s also a hint of the Amrut Liquorice . It’s on the finish where we get back to the feintiness of NM with a long warming feeling……..

So the nose is as usual New Make but the palate is very drinkable . Better than most !